About us


Witness Journal comes from the experience of a journalists’ and photographers’ team, joined together in order to create a different and innovative project in the information system. Far from the standard business model, Witness proposes a different approach to information, according to any different points of view. It’s a free, online monthly photo-magazine developed by an editorial staff working with professionist journalist and photographers, but also with the contribution of the web communities.

Distributed for free via the Internet, Witness Journal tells small and big Italian and international stories through images by professional photographers and amateurs. Firmly open to the contributions of anyone, Witness offers to the authors a journalistic limelight where they have the chance to express their skill and to promote their work. 

 At the same time we offer to our readers a different kind of information in compliance with many different aspects. First, we consider images, and not words, all-important. The stories told by Witness Journal are reported exclusively on the base of facts, that is pictures. 

The articles – written by the photographers in cooperation with the editorial staff – add extra information to the context Witness’ editorial line tends to give voice to events and local stories and above all to what we can hardly find on mainstream information. 

Thanks to the net we get in touch with a network of co-workers on the whole Italian territory.

A network of professionists and amateurs who have the chance to speak out, thanks to the digital world and to  Web 2.0 phenomenon, like Flickr. Witness Journal wants you to listen to their voices.

Submit a reportage to Witness Journal
Witness Journal is a project open to everyone’s contribution. However, it is based on a number of rules that, if respected, assure the protection of both the editorial staff and the photographer. Here they are.

Each submission must meet the following requirements:

* the artwork’s originality
* the legal ownership of the royalties and any other right
* the assignment of exclusive publication rights for 30 days
* the release for all images containing recognizable people

The authors hold full responsibilities for the submission of their works

Each project must include

* 20/30 photos (1200×800 px, 72dpi)
* a summary, maximum 3.000 characters (spaces included)

The editorial staff can format and review the projects, without modifying the contents and the meaning.
You can send your reportage via Wetransfer to redazione@witnessjournal.com


WJ76 | Fotografia di Cosimo Calabrese
WJ76 | Fotografia di Cosimo Calabrese